Classic Car Chasers Article

I luckily stumbled across Bill Pack’s work earlier this year off of Instagram and was immediately impressed. I recently reached out to Bill to learn more about his process and the art of automotive photography. Bill runs V12 Enterprises, a business that offers automotive collectors a way to document their collection and to present cars as the art they truly are. As collectors have a tendency to turnover their collection frequently, Bill provides a way to tastefully document periods of care taking by owners. He has translated an extensive career in advertising and product photography into an automotive art form. A fan of the iconic and beautiful lines of classics from the 1950s and 1960s, he’s developed a photographic style that’s akin to ‘painting with light.’ He’s able to shoot cars in confined spaces with his mobile studio and incorporates 4 different light sources, which he uses to sculpt the lines of the cars. He works to bring out the emotion in automotive design. I think his work speaks for itself so enjoy these photos and I would highly recommend checking out his website to see more of his portfolio.  Steven - Classic Car Chasers

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