Capturing Design

You can get lost in design. Goodness, I do on a daily basis! When you yourself are creating or when you are admiring and looking at what someone else has created, it can really take you to another place in an instant. My romantic mind can be lost for hours on end. I find this inspiration in so many places. One such place is in vintage cars. They have always fascinated me. It started when I was  young and I would dream of owning a beautiful old car, in immaculate condition, more I believe for the ability to constantly look at the impeccable design and admire it every day than actually driving it, because back then, I was too young to drive. Of course now, that love is for both the drive and the design.

When I came across the photographs of Bill Pack, I felt he had captured exactly how I felt when I would look at beautiful designs. First of all, the subject matter – the cars. Those themselves were works of art. Bill’s work has a wonderful use of lighting which intrigued me, with the photos looking like paintings.  Each time I looked at an image, I felt so much passion for the design and the flow of the lines and his ability to capture this beauty has me in awe. Of course, when I am inspired, I always want to find out more, learn about the creator and how it all comes together. I caught up with Bill to ask him some questions about his work and inspirations.

You can read the full interview at The Man Has Style